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EFT for Healing Chronic Illness

I am so thrilled to be talking to you about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Healing Chronic Illness. I am passionate about this because of how it supported my own healing journey from 5 years of CFS. At the end of that journey I discovered the joys of EFT. It helped me transition into full […]

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12 Steps to Wellbeing

12 steps to wellbeing and health. This is designed for all for health maintenance and wellbeing, preventing colds and flu and for those of you on a chronic illness recovery path. It is a short version of an ebook I am just finishing off that goes into greater depth, to get your copy of the […]

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Healing our ancestor’s pain with EFT

My current area of interest and exploration in terms of my personal process, and due to the nature of my work I find myself keen to bring into my own practice more consciously in time, is healing the impact of the trauma of our ancestors. And that indeed, not only what has happened to us […]

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